Please follow these steps if you have an accident:
1: Make sure it is safe to stop, then park the car with your hazard lights on and safely exit the vehicle.
2: Exchange details with the Third Party driver(s) and give your name and number, then take their name and number. If they are willing to show their driver’s license you can take a photo of this too.
3: Take as many photos and pictures as you can. Make sure to take pictures and videos of both number-plates, your car and the other car, take pictures of damages up close and from far away to show the position of the vehicles.
4: Once you have take pictures and videos, you can report the accident to us on the office mobile number provided to you, or using our WhatsApp chat making sure to note the time and street name.
5: If the car is driveable, please make sure to return to us at the garage ASAP, so we can check the damage and take a complete statement from you.

Please call the emergency services immediately on 999, providing as much information to them as possible, and take the names of the attending police and ambulance staff.

Simply call us, message us on WhatsApp and send us photos with the time and location of the accident. All accident’s must be reported within 24h, if we do not receive an accident report there will be a late report excess chargeable at £500.

If you have a customer, firstly make sure they are ok and inform them that you simply need to exchange some details before you can continue the journey. If they cannot wait and they wish to catch another taxi, please ask them if they are willing to be a witness in the accident case and take their first name and number before they go.

If your car cannot be fixed, fully or temporarily, we will get a replacement car for you until your car is completely repaired. You will continue to pay your rent as normal and we can help upload the documents for your new car as well to get you back on the road and working quickly.